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My latest selection of free clips (link above) features a hot young blonde with a very cute pink pussy. She's just the sort of girl we like here at the Pink Wet Pussy Blog - pretty face, nice eyes and a super hot body. And she's horny as fuck!

There are four clips to download featuring this hot teen chick showing off her pink labia and swollen clitoris in front of the camera. She spreads her wet pussy lips and lets us see the slippy wet insides of her cunt. These are some of the best close-up pussy vids I've ever seen.

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Squirting Pink Pussy

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This must-see brunette with hazel eyes is seen squirting milk from her sweet pink pussy in these free sample clips from D-Flowered. She really is an absolute babe and the video quality for a sample is excellent too.

You might be wondering what's with the pussy squirting stuff but that's just one of the quirks of D-Flowered - they like to do the odd pussy trick! As you can see from the pic above the trick in this case is that the babe starts filling her cunt with milk and squirting it out into a bowl! You can see how much she enjoys the feeling of that milky liquid squirting out of her - and it looks fucking amazing!

Fortunately it's not all pussy tricks and there is plenty of full on masturbation as we get to watch this hot brunette playing with her sweet pink slit. Unfortunately to see the best of this movie you really need to download the full version. The free clips don't do her justice at all. I'd say it's worth the cost of the trial just to see this one movie. If you're interested you can get it on this link...

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Pink Pussy Brunette Masturbating With Dildo

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Check out this gorgeous brunette wearing just her high heels and spreading her pink pussy lips wide to show the soft wet passage within. This chick is fucking hot and has lovely big tits that she also likes to play with. Click the link or picture above to see the free gallery.

After stripping out of a skimpy yellow top and skirt we get to see this horny babe sliding a couple of fingers between her moist pussy lips. She coaxes open her tight little cunt then lays back and presses the end of a big pink dildo against her sensitive hole. It begins to slip inside and you can hear her gasp as she takes it's length deep into her dark passage.

Once she gets used to the feel of the big fake cock inside her she begins a steady fucking motion. It's not long before she's pounding the toy deep into her soaking wet pussy. She pushes it deeper and deeper into herself as she approaches a mind blowing climax. We then see her rubbing her clit furiously as the orgasm finally rips through her body.

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Tight Teen Pussy And Wet Cunt Lips

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Innocent looking Nelly plays with her tight teen pussy and wet cunt lips in today's free sample clips. And wow, what a treat you are in for! This chick is hot! She's definitely one of the sexiest young teens we've featured here on Pink Wet Pussy and she gets down to some really hot masturbation in front of the camera that will have your cock straining in your pants in no time.

Just from the picture above you can see what a great vid this will be as you look at young Nelly playing with her lovely big boobs as she slips a glass dildo into her tight snatch. And it is tight too - you can tell by the way her cunt contracts around the toy as she pushes it inside her.

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Hot Blonde Pink Pussy Video

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This hot blonde toys her pink pussy in this video from Love The Pink. This chick is really great looking with a pretty face, amazing sexy eyes and a super hot body. She looks fantastic in a sexy corset and matching panties as she poses in her lingerie at the beginning of the scene. She can be seen rubbing her pussy through her panties and even pulling them into her slit so her shaved pussy lips spill out of the side.

As the scene moves on we see the horny little blonde bend over with her ass in the air in front of the camera. She has two fingers inserted in her tight pink pussy and with her other hand she is fingering her ass hole. This looks fucking amazingly hot as she masturbates both tight holes at the same time. You can even hear the squelching sound of her fingers sliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

Just when you think this scene can't get any better we move on to the toys. There is a great shot where the chick is bent over with a soft rubber dildo stretching her ass hole. She is pushing it in and out of her ass and it is making some really horny sounds as she fucks herself with it. At the same time you can see the sexy pink flower of her pussy lips as she rubs her clit with the fingers of her other hand.

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Bare Pink Pussy Closeup

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Have a look at this horny brunette with smooth bronze skin for some great bare pink pussy closeup shots. She is caught in some very candid shots inserting toys (and a cucumber) into her ass and pussy. I love to see a smooth bare pussy being stretched by a very wide toy as a hot chick is masturbating in front of me. And that is just the experience you will get when you watch these free sample clips (see link above).

These clips are from D-Flowered - one of the best, if not the best, sites for top quality female masturbation videos. And when it comes to the closeup shots they are definitely the best out there. They shoot everything in HD so it's all crystal clear quality. Sometimes it feels like you could just reach out and touch that beautiful smooth pussy - it looks so close you can almost smell it! If you haven't checked them out yet then have a look at the link below...

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Sexy Latina's Tight Juicy Pussy

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Today's free sample clips feature a sexy Latina with a tight juicy pussy. This beautiful latina honey can be seen bending over to flaunt her sexy pink pussy and tight puckered ass hole in front of the camera. She rubs her clit hard as she masturbates and brings herself off. She must have had several orgasms making this movie!

By the end of the scene she has progressed from using her fingers in her ass to using a big pink dildo up there. She fucks her ass hole pretty hard with that huge toy at the same time fingering her cunt which is now dripping with pussy juice. This leads to a final big orgasm that has her moaning so loud she is almost screaming.

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